The HV-Flex marine extraction system allows for quick and clean oil filter extraction without the need for absorbent pads in the bilge or on the engine.  Our system can remove filter oil within 2-3 minutes and prevent oil from entering the bilge or surrounding water.  This system is compatible with all major engine manufacturers. The extraction system is also compatible with diesel engine fuel/oil filters.

Save yourself the mess, and eliminate potential EPA fines with the HV-Flex system.

Our fluid extraction tools are made in the USA.     

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The HV-FLEX Oil Filter Extraction Tool


  • Only a person familiar with engine oil and filter changes on marine powered engines, should use the HV-Flex extractor system

  • Always utilize Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Tool is for oil/diesel filter use only

  • Do not use tool on gasoline filters!


The HV-Flex oil extractor system is designed to be used in conjunction with a vacuum fluid extractor pump. Engine oil must be drained prior to utilizing tool.

  1. Place the loose extractor around the filter at the lowest drain point

  2. Turn square knob until extractor valve is snug against the filter wall.  If filter has flats, ensure that extractor valve is snug against a flat region

  3. Attach vacuum pump to extractor barb valve

  4. Turn round knob clockwise to engage piercing pin until it stops

  5. Turn round knob counter-clockwise to disengage piercing pin

  6. Apply vacuum to remove filter oil

  7. Once oil is removed (~2 minutes), turn square knob counter-clockwise and remove extractor

  8. Remove oil filter utilizing an oil filter wrench (not included)

Disposal of used oil and filters must be in accordance to state and federal laws

HV-Flex, LLC. Accepts no responsibility for any damage or repairs by the use of this extractor system.  100% money back guarantee against all manufacturing defects. All rights reserved – 2020. U.S. Patented and Trademarked.